Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions for Blockwave Ventures:

User Responsibilities:

Users are responsible for ensuring they have adequate funds and reserve funds in their accounts, particularly when engaging in high-leverage trading.

Commission and Fees:

The platform charges a 30% commission, payable in USDT stable coins, at the beginning of each month. Users are required to have the necessary funds in their accounts to cover these fees.

Automated Trading Algorithms:

Blockwave Ventures employs automated algorithms that execute short or long trades based on varying market conditions. Users acknowledge and accept the inherent risks associated with automated trading.

Account Suspension and Reinstatement:

Accounts will be automatically temporarily suspended if users fail to pay the owed commission to the platform. Suspension will be lifted automatically upon payment of the outstanding fee.

Risk and Liability:

The platform does not accept responsibility for any loss of funds during trading activities. User funds are stored on Binance and any other crypto exchange added at a later date; they are not stored on the Blockwave Ventures platform.

Intellectual Property:

The brand name "Blockwave Ventures" and its associated website are the intellectual property of its owners. Users are prohibited from plagiarizing or copying the brand name or any content from the website.

Legal Compliance:

Blockwave Ventures and its website comply with all relevant authorities and regulations.

Privacy and Data Security:

User data is securely stored and is not shared with any third party. The platform follows stringent security measures to protect user information.

Withdrawal Policies:

Users must adhere to specified rules and limitations regarding the withdrawal of funds from their accounts, including processing times and potential fees.

Prohibited Activities:

Users are prohibited from engaging in fraudulent activities, market manipulation, or any other actions that violate the integrity of the Blockwave Ventures platform.

Communication and Notifications:

The platform will communicate with users regarding account activities, updates, or any important information through the designated channels.

Termination of Services:

Blockwave Ventures reserves the right to terminate its services to a user under specific conditions, including violations of terms or suspicious activities.

Force Majeure:

The platform is exempt from liability in the case of unforeseeable circumstances, often referred to as "force majeure."

Age and Eligibility:

Users must be legal adults, above the age of 18, in their respective countries to use the Blockwave Ventures platform. By using the platform, users confirm that they meet the age requirements and are legally eligible to engage in financial transactions.

By using Blockwave Ventures, users agree to abide by these terms and conditions. Blockwave Ventures reserves the right to update these terms and conditions as needed, with users being notified of any changes through the platform.

Last Updated: 11 Nov 23